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Oven repair

An oven is a necessity to have in a modern household. If you want to take delight in the contemporary baking skill, an oven – whether gas or electric – is an important appliance of the kitchen. Creating innovative dishes and items every day bring the family together and creates joy. But if your oven breaks down due some unfortunate circumstance it can cause a lot of nuisance! In that case you don’t have worry at all – just call Same Day appliance repair service for oven repairs. We are well equipped to figure out the problem and fix it as soon as possible, so both your time and effort can be saved. We believe in easy diagnosis, unlike others who generally make things complicated all due to their inexperience. You won’t face any such hassle with us!

Or skilled technicians repair all mainstream oven brands such as Maytag, Kenmore, Sears, Samsung, Kitchenaide, Whirlpool, Viking, and much more. We provide round the clock 7 days a week emergency services and gives quick response to your call. We will be at your place in about 25-30 minutes and offer services for both gas and electric ovens.  We are well aware of the customer demand and their expectations that is the prime reason why we are leading the repair and maintenance market! Our repair experts are well versed to deal with oven related issues and will solve any critical or technical problem the shortest period of time. We also fix the thermostats, burners, gaskets; bake igniters, valves, temperature sensors and much more.

Call us immediately if the following occurs:

If the burner of the oven is not effectively working

If this happens, the issue may be with the burner, the receptacle or the switch. Our expert staff is well-equipped with fixing such problem, just give us a call!

The burner is too hot

If this occurs, regardless of the setting, then it may be due to a busted switch. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

The light of the indicator is lit even if turned off.

This is a common issue and may be caused by a bad switch. We are a call away and can fix it in no time.

The oven door is stuck.

Another common problem also caused by a faulty switch.

The oven is not self-cleaning as it usually does.

The oven may have a defective self-clean latch or maybe twisted not letting the door to shut as it should.

The temperature of the oven is inconsistent.

Another common problem with your oven is its temperature. If you are experiencing any such problem with your appliance, it can cause overcooked, burnt food or undercooked food. An oven that has an issue concerning its temperature can become quite complex to control and be very hazardous to your house. Our team of experts can whisk you out of this trouble within no time!

The oven is not heating up at all.

You can experience a problem and the oven heats up, you should immediately call us and our experts will repair your oven repair in shortest time.

The broiler of the oven is not working.

A faulty bake igniter or element might cause it. If you are not getting a spark to the pilot, you may need to change the spark electrode, spark module, and/or the ignition wire. You just have to call us and we will surely repair that for you without any delay.
An overheating oven may also result in an explosion. So, it is really vital to call for our oven repair service if you are facing an issue with your oven’s temperature.
Another issue with your oven can be broken down wiring. This can be dangerous as it may set fire to your house. You must straight away call for us so we can immediately send our experts to repair your oven.

Why choosing Same Day is a smart choice?

We function in Fort Lauderdale and close by places like Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Davie, and Boca Raton.  We don’t leave your place until you are fully satisfied. We provide excellent follow-up service including:

  • Round the clock 7 days a week emergency services
  • Well-mannered and extremely skilled staff
  • No hidden service charges and over-billing
  • Extremely satisfied clientele.
  • Immediate response in the express time.

You may contact us for oven repair and/or regular service visit to guarantee that everything is working properly and to fix any problems before they cause further damage!